Shannon Bodie

Director of Client Services

Shannon is born and raised here in Florida, born in Pinellas County.  She currently resides in Hillsborough County with her husband, and two sons.  She was formerly with Asset Money Management for eight years as the Executive Administrative Assistant to Tracy Gillette, Financial Advisor, and the Office Manager.

Shannon handles the day to day responsibilities of the office such as:

  • Assist with address, beneficiary, and name changes on your policies or accounts
  • Assist with distribution requests for your accounts as well as changes in your banking information for premium payments
  • Provide customer service both in person and over the phone to facilitate and resolve other client service requests
  • Ask for feedback from you to help enhance your client experience
  • Manage back office operations and foster a culture of continual improvement and operational effectiveness. 
  • Assist with scheduling meetings

If you have any requests on the items above, please reach out directly to Shannon.  We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing our work to provide you with the highest level of service. 

Phone 813-371-6935
Fax 866-915-5332
Mobile Phone 813-371-6935