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In order to help you set and reach your financial goals, I like to touch base with you periodically. Please review the list below and check any items which may have changed since our last discussion and areas you would like to discuss.  

Provide contact information and any comments for clarification of your needs or desires.  


Since our last review, I have / I am...

Change Jobs

Change Address

Change Beneficiaries

Changed My Will/Made Out a Will

Entered New Business/Occupation

Changed My Marital Status

Had a Child

Expecting a Child

Adopted a Child

Changed My Number of Dependents

Acquired New Debt/Mortgage Increase

Experienced a Change in Health

Stopped Smoking



I would like to discuss...

General Financial Review

Review My Life Insurance

Review My Investments

Discuss Disability Income Insurance

Annuities Fixed & Variable

Retirement Income

IRAs/ Pension

Estate Planning

401(k) Rollover

Long Term Care Insurance

College Savings


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